League of Legends

Entertainment Concept

The Goal

Create a reality TV show for college-aged men (18-24).


League of Legends (LoL) is the #1 eSports game in the world with men 18-24 making up a majority of those watching the game. Likewise, there's been a trend happening: college age men aren't watching traditional TV like they used to. Between 2012 - 2017, TV viewership among adults age 18-24 dropped 43.6%. They are 55% more likely to watch TV online. But eSports and LoL seem to be immune to this trend. Over 145 million men age16-24 are watching eSports coverage. In 2016, the number of eSports enthusiasts and occasional viewers totaled 323 million. This is what sparked our research and led to our solution.

What They Watch For

What We Found

We did Man on the Street, created a survey, conducted 1-on-1 interviews, and coupled these with secondary research to find out how college men think, act, and what they might want from a reality show. It came down to these three categories of what, how, and why.

What They Watch For


How They Watch


Why They Watch


How They Watch

The Concept: Behind the League - You're only as strong as your weakest gank.

Why They Watch

Behind the League


Team Members: Ashley Devereux (Creative Brand Management), Louise Guy (Creative Brand Management), Sarabeth Yglesias (Creative Brand Management)