Rockstar Energy Drinks

Brand Repositioning

The Goal

Turn Rockstar into a challenger brand.

Rockstar is a distant #3 in the Energy Drink category, sitting behind Redbull and Monster. In this category everything looks the same-- from packaging to marketing. We found that we needed to change Rockstar's look to reflect the values of those who actually drink Rockstar to make it a more of a challenger brand.
We dived into secondary research to look at consumption habits and purchase drivers, as well as, conducting primary research to get an idea of the general outlook that energy drinkers have about life. On top of our secondary research, we conducted primary research in the form of a survey. 
We found that those that consume energy drinks are:
People drink energy drinks as part of their morning routine to help them feel better about their day.

An Early Riser (not by choice), who is working (or overworking), feeling owned by their day, feeling unappreciated, and want more time and energy for the day.

Make Rockstar the "morning authority" on energy drinks.
New Packaging
We brightened the colors and changed the imagery surrounding the Rockstar brand. This gives the brand a fresher and lighter feeling, to reflect the time of day and the feelings we want to evoke.
Customer Engagement
To engage the consumer during the relaunch phase, we recommend holding a contest called “Rockstar’s 5am Hall of Fame”. The purpose of this contest will be to shine a light on Rockstar's consumers by recognizing them for their hard work. It will also feed into the "Real-Life Rockstar" Campaign.
"Real-Life Rockstar" Campaign
We recommend that Rockstar feature real people in their instagram, and recognize them for their hard work. We want to recognize and support everyone who makes the world turn every single day.
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Other Team Members: Caroline Bivens (Creative Brand Management), Zach Brown (Creative Brand Management), Joe Castagna (Strategy), Anna Kim (Strategy)